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While attending Central Catholic High School, Richard and Rick. Later to be known by all as Ric and Rik (or the guys with the cat hats), met while in their sophomore year. While taking a keyboarding class they quickly became friends through sharing answers, and they later discovered they both had similar nerdy and geeky things in common. Though, at the time, the only source of anime they could get was through VHS tapes and recorded episodes on loan from friends. Such VHS tapes included Dragon Ball Z and Ranma ½ which were some of the first anime they were exposed to. From there they were hooked, and since then they have expanded to all different types and genres of anime, slowly getting more and more involved in the culture and community. This began with them attending, conventions with their friends and even making their very own cosplays. They had fun being surrounded with other people that shared the same joys and interest in anime as they did.

When the thought of Otaku Café first started, it was nothing more than a drawing in their heads while attending economy class at The University of Texas at San Antonio. When they were both in and out of class, they were busy brain storming ideas over how to take the fun they had at anime conventions and bring it to people and the community. At the time, they could not afford to purchase a shop on college student wages, so they went for the next best thing and became convention dealers. While traveling across Texas, they started to build of the Otaku Café name and made lots new friends along the way. They did this for a couple of years until they finally saved up enough money to open up Otaku Café in San Antonio and with the help of their family, friends, and the community their doors opened on January 17, 2015.